Wednesday, February 15, 2017

CD REVIEW: ONE, Ep by Shallow Side

ONE, Ep by Shallow Side
(Thermal Entertainment)

Alabama rockers, Shallow Side are back with their latest recording,  The six song Ep, 'One' and it sounds fantastic!  It's well produced and the songs have a punch to them. What you get a nice mix of heavy foot stompers and melodic infused rockers.  Eric Boatright on vocals, Cody Hampton on bass and guitar, Seth Trimble on guitar and keyboard and on drums, Heath Fields. For those new to the band, their vibe is like mix of Three Day Grace meets Black Stone Cherry. There are only six songs but all are solid. After listening to the first ten seconds of listening to the lead off track, "We Roll" ,you know that this is band that is serious about making your listening experience is a memorable one. The next two tracks solidify that statement with "Rebel" and a solid and impressive take on the Styx classic, "Renegade". so good that even impressed the man that penned it, Tommy Shaw.  “I’m impressed by these guys.  Good arrangement, good performance, good video,”. The Ep finishes off string with, "Fight Or Flight", "Can You Hear Me" and "Start A Fire".  There are only six songs, but all are solid. Great riffs and importantly some great melodies and they rock. Shallow Side's musical style may not be anything out of the ordinary but what they do do they do very well and overall 'One' is good enough to stand out amongst the many others in modern rock genre. 
Highly Recommended

Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, February 13, 2017


COMIN' IN HOT by Tailgun
(Tailgun Music)

Sin City rockers, Tailgun make one hell of a first impression with their debut release. 'Comin' In Hot'. 10 seconds into the lead off track,  "Ass, Grass Or Cash" and I was hooked!  I was blown away by the energy.  The band is comprised of, Dru Jaxin on vocals, Rob E.G. on lead guitar, Larry Kelly on guitar, Cory Kay on bass and Mike Mitlyng on drums. The best way to describe this album is what may happen if science could mutate the genes of AC/DC, Motorhead and Aerosmith all into one new being, then add a shot of Nashville Pussy just for good measure. There is not a dull moment on this entire album. Highlights include, the title track, "Golddiger", "Pocket Change", "Cherry Bomber" and "Raise Some Hell".  Just great rock and roll in an old school, no-frills hard rock vibe.  There are no surprises here. You buy a record from a rock band llike Tailgun because you're looking for some high octane party rock songs about drinking, women, rocking and maybe drinking and rocking with women.  It's a shame music like this is ignored by mainstream radio, because the modern rock stations could use some reminding that not everything has to sound like Coldplay and Nickelback. Fortunately there are bands like Tailgun that keep the classic rock vibe alive and keep rock n' roll fun. The band has somehow managed to create an album of this nature without absurd lyrics and without sounding like a bunch of foul-mouthed teenagers, and yet it is still enough fun to add life to any party. If you are a fan of basically any type of rock from the 80's and early 90's, with some 70's classic rock leanings, this is a band you should check out. Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, February 10, 2017


GOT NEWZ by King Bird
(Independent Release)

Brazilian based rockers, King Bird are back with their latest release, 'Got Newz'.  Ton Cremon on vocals, Silvio Lopes on guitars, Fabio Cesar on bass and Marcelo Ladwig on drums. King Bird embody everything that rock music stands for: loud guitars, thumping bass lines, kicking drums, and swagger!  Their songs  hit your nervous system immediately taking root and forces you to move along to the rhythm. I have no idea how they managed to stay off my radar but unfortunately they've stayed off a lot of other peoples as well, every person who likes rock music that I've played this album to loved it! You can play it straight from beginning to end without wanting to skip anything. "Immortal Rider", kicks the album off in high gear and from there the band dishes out a strong dose of blues based rockers,  "Years Gone By", "Back In Time", "Gonna Rock You", "Daybreak" and "Doomsday".  If you like ‘70s inspired blues-rock or hard rock in general then you should check King Bird out. It seems tough for me to imagine any hard rock fan not digging these guys, and it is definitely possible that they will reach a whole new audience with this monster of an album. 'Got Newz' is a must for true rock music fans and must be played loud!  Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Thursday, February 9, 2017


by Art Against Agony
(Vault Records)

The German based progressive rock band known as Art Against Agony breakout with their latest powerful five song Ep, 'The Forgotten Story'. The project is both a band and an international artist collective. That hide their faces behind masks because they consider the body and face highly irrelevant to our digitalized world. You might need to listen to this a few times to really hear all the energy and not so subtle nuances and textures these guys have put out. These guys can play, compose, impress, gel together, demonstrate virtuosity, play fast, incorporate intense feeling into the music, play amazingly and make music that is challenging to the ears and the brain. And they can play. Only five songs, but wow! Are they intense.  "SpurF├╝nf", "Velvet Velour", "Techne", La_Mer" and "Gente Innocente Non Corre". This is truly a recording to discover every time. There are so many layers of great music. Outstanding grooves and tonal bliss. If your cup of tea is intense instrumental music you should absolutely give Art Against Agony a listenHighly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

The band's Ep will be available Feb 17th, through their label worldwide on  Itunes, AmazonMp3 etc., but right now its pre-order time on Bandcamp)

CD REVIEW: LOCK & LOAD by Rebel Road

LOCK & LOAD by Rebel Road
(Independent Release)

Swedish based rockers, Rebel Road debut outing, 'Lock & Load'  is raw with riffs that will grab you, give you a good shaking and don't let go, and nor would you want them to! The band is comprised of, Ulrich Seppenen on guitar and lead vocals, Stefan Karlson on guitar, Niklas Larsson on guitar, organ and vocals, Markus Johansson on bass and Henrik Gajewska on drums. Rebel Road serve up southern flavored rock music you want to roll down your windows in your car and turn up full blast so everyone can hear it. A full-throttle modern rock band, with guitars that rock and a shuddering rhythmic attack. The southern influences are obvious and the music is engaging and all consuming. Not one track on the album disappoints as so many other albums do. The songs that grabbed my initial attention were, "Six Ways To Sunday", "We Come Alive", " Apt 17" and "Rollin'", but overall the whole album rocks in many different ways. All in all, ' Lock & Load' is a rock solid listen throughout and you never get bored, you always think, one more song before you skip to the next track and by the end of it, you've gone through the whole thing and loving it. This is rock music for people who like the sound of an engine roaring or the feeling obtained by following a cold beer with a shot of whisky. Rebel Road will gladly kick your ass, and then wait for you to say thank you. Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, February 6, 2017

CD REVIEW: CAN'T GO HOME by Unruly Child

CAN'T GO HOME by Unruly Child
(Frontier Records)

Unruly Child return with their highly anticipated release, 'Can't Go Home'. Once again, the band have treated us to their superb blend of superb  vocals, strong songwriting, and top class musicianship from each member to create a memorable listening experience. Marcie Free's voice shines throughout. 
Bruce Gowdy's guitar playing is on point and the rhythm section of bassist Larry Antonio and drummer Jay Schellen is a tight hand in glove.  I can`t pick out just one favourite - they`re all great - and there`s certainly no fillers here. The pulsating "The Only One" kicks things off in fine melodic style and the quality never dips. "Four Eleven", "Driving Into The Future" and "Get On Top" are pure class and things just continue in that vein, totally infectious material. 'Can't Go Home's, is an amazing listening experience in every way. It's a wall of sound from the first to the last note, filling every second with something interesting. The more I listen to the album, the more I crave listening to it more. ' Can't Go Home's is a gem of an album from Unruly Child and will go down as, in my opinion, as one of their best. Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society


TOKYO MOTOR FIST by Tokyo Motor Fist
(Frontier Records)

Take one part Danger Danger and add one part Trixrer then throw a killer rhythm section of Greg Smith (Ted Nugent, Rainbow, Alice Cooper) and Chuck Burgi (Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult, Joe Lynn Turner) you simply can't go wrong! What you get is Tokyo Motor Fist. The band's self titled debut is a serious shot of melodic hard rock that is loaded with energetic riffs and passion.  It's great to hear well produced and written songs that hark back to the catchy tunes of the late 80s and early 90s.T he album kicks into full gear with a great rocker, "Pickin' Up The Pieces". The next song, "Love Me Insane" is an upbeat tune ready for blast off as an arena favorite.  Other highlights include, "Black And Blue", "Put Me To Shame" and "Fallin' Apart". Basically, if you're a Danger Danger fan of the era when Ted Poley was the lead singer, then this album should not disappoint. And if you just like great melodic hard rock then Tokyo Motor Fist is worth a listen. But, any way you slice it, the album is very well done and ripples throughout with some great harmony, hooks, and musicianship. There have been some great releases the past year or so that really bring back the spirit of 80's melodic rock which I still love. What sets this release and a few special others apart is that you can hear how much the musicians love performing and you can feel that energy coming off the album.  Tokyo Motor Fist deliver the goods on all fronts, vocals, guitars, drums, and that huge sound you thought was lost forever. Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society