Friday, April 13, 2018


(Spectra Records)

'Wandering Soul', the latest release from Joshua Tree, California based duo, Firebug is proof positive that good music is still being created. Comprised of Juliette Tworsey - Lead Vocal/ Rhythm Guitar/Mandolin and Jules Shapiro - Lead guitar/Slide Guitar/Organ, the duo's classic rock influences shine brightly on all 13 tracks offered. Influences that I picked up on from Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones to modern day acts like  PJ Harvey and The Black Keys and yet their musical vibe has it's own special character without sounding dated or old-fashioned. Every track is strong and pulls its own weight. Seldom do I find an album that every track is exciting, and I don't feel like skipping. Highlights include, the driving pulsating swagger of "Follower" and "Sinner". The title track with its bluesy twang. "The River", "Shallow Water" and "Strange Days". Juliette Tworsey voice has a rich smoky rasp to it and is complimented by the talented Jules Shapiro excellent guitar work. I defy anyone to play this and not start moving to the fantastically deep and reverberating rhythms.Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

CD REVIEW: NOW PLAYING by Jim Wilson with Phil Jones

NOW PLAYING by Jim Wilson with Phil Jones
(Independent Release)

Los Angeles based musician, Jim Wilson is back with his sophomore effort, 'Now Playing', along with drummer Phil Jones. I've been a fan of Jim Wilson since his days in Mother Superior. This guy is amazing. His influences are very evident in his music and he adds his own unique swagger to it. 'Now Playing", is a rocking and funk inspired recording. It really makes you feel good, the feeling in each track is a great break from the usual fodder thrown out for the masses. All the songs on the album are superb, utilising Jim Wilson's soulful vocal and a supremely talented group of musicians. The opening track "Favorite Song", is a groove laden track with a southern twang, while "Honeysuckle", is a super prime mover that reminded me a bit of his days in Mother Superior. Other tracks like "No Heroes Anymore", "Out Of Your Mind" and "Disillusion" are also very strong. This really is music that makes you stop, listen & appreciate. If you are new to Jim Wilson or if you have heard his previous works, his sophomore effort 'Now Playing', is a wonderfully varied rock and soul album that is definitely worth experiencing and comes highly recommended.Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society